About fluidspaces

About fluidspaces

fluidspaces was developed by Fluidgroup Technologies as a leading online (SaaS) 3D design and planning application for everyone. It is easy to learn in minutes and you will be amazed on what you can do!  You don't have to be an architect, interior designer, facility planner or other design profession to use fluidspaces, you just have to use your creativity! However, if you are a design professional you will be amazed on what you can do in less time than your current software.

fluidspaces' has 1000's of office objects including workstations, desks, chairs, tables, reception stations, building products and accessories coupled with 100's of different material options. Additionally, it is amazingly powerful in drawing buildings, floorplans, and other construction based spaces all within an easy to use interface. Draw floorplans from scratch or import your floorplans and fluidspaces will detect the walls, windows and doors automatically saving hours of time.

Once you have completed your design you can interactively share your project with others to view in interactive 3D or modify which dramatically reduces the amount of revisions.

fluidspaces also easily creates virtual walk-thru's and photorealistic renderings.

Try it out and you will wonder why you used archaic PC based software in the past or had others do the design work at significant time and cost. Projects are always up to date and saved in the cloud where you can access them from anywhere at anytime, on desktop or mobile.

Welcome to the future of design and planning for businesses made easy!